French Family Auctions

We Offer Complete Auction Services including estates, business liquidations,
 charity auctions and real estate at auction.

Rates and Services:

We offer some of the most reasonable commission rates in the area and you have our assurance that we can meet or beat any of our competitors rates. Our rates at French Family Auctions are dependant upon the services requested and the needs of the seller. Our rates are based on a percentage of the final sales price of the goods or property to be sold. Factors that often affect charges are advertising expenses, location of auction (on site or at our location etc.) and if items are in need of care, cleaning or other preparation to obtain the best price for your item.  Commission rates typically range from 10% to 30%. For example: A large equipment auction with generally higher value merchandise would most likely be a 10% commission and a house hold/moving type auction with many small and lower value items would probably fall within the 20-30% range. We also use sliding scales for farm type auctions, which varies the commission based on the final sale price of each item. As always, rates can be negotiable so contact us directly for prices for your particular type of auction and let us describe to you how an auction can benefit you and meet your needs. 


Special Event Prices Available:

Contact us directly at 816-470-5193 or email for special rates for benefits, charity or fund raiser events.