French Family Auctions

We Offer Complete Auction Services including estates, business liquidations,
 charity auctions and real estate at auction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few questions and answers that come up from time to time.  If you have other questions that you would like to have answered, please use the "contact us" button above to submit your question.  We will answer your question directly by return email.  Repeat questions will be posted below.

1. Why auction my assets or property?

Answer: The auction is "the American" method of accelerated marketing. An auction can be the most logical method of liquidating property of all types. It is the quickest and most convenient, not only to the seller, but also for the potential buyers. The highest price can be secured by promoting competition between buyers because it is natural to want what others desire. Items or property sells at the desired time and date. The seller determines the amount of their own time and effort they wish to contribute to the sale of their property.

2. If I am interested in a household auction can I contract to have all of the preparations and set up done for me?

Answer: Yes. We will handle the entire auction from advertising to set up for sale day.  We can provide for lunch services, restroom facilities, loaders, cleaning and other prep services.

3. I would like to sell my household or estate items, but there may not be enough items to have a quality auction. What can I do?

Answer: When you contact us, just tell us of your individual concerns. We will work with you to make an offer to buy your items ourselves at a fair price, or coordinate a combined auction with other parties with similar situations.

4. Can I save any money by setting up the merchandise myself?

Answer: You may be able to save a portion of the costs by providing your own labor to set up for your auction. However, we ask that you follow our directions for how to layout/display your items in order to obtain the best values.

5. I have a piece of real estate that has been on the market for a long time. I have a listing with a realtor but it hasn't sold.  I would like to sell it soon.  Can I still have an auction and will I still get a fair price for my property?

Answer: Yes you can and yes you will. We will work with your realtor (frequently at no charge to either the owner or the realtor) to market and sell your real property. This can be accomplished by incorporating a buyers premium charge to the final auction sales price to cover our services. Property at auction sells for what the market will "bare" on that particular day. What that means is that if advertising has been done correctly and all interested parties are there, it will bring the highest price possible at that time through competitive bidding.

6. We have always used "sealed bids" to sell our repossessed property and vehicles. Is there a benefit to a live auction?

Answer: Absolutely! A live auction will typically generate more than 10% in additional revenue for the seller than a sealed bid auction.

 7. Don't auctioneers just "talk a lot of gibberish"?

Answer: Sometimes, to the novice auction goer, it may sound that way.  A professionally trained auctioneer however, will clearly enunciate both the number amount of the bid received as well as the bid asked for.  The rest of the "chant" contains what we refer to as "filler" words.  The words and styles vary from auctioneer to auctioneer and serve as somewhat of a trademark to each.  One of the most common filler words used by auctioneers is "now". A typical basic chant might include something like: "I'm at one dollar bid, now two, now two, will you give me two" When sped up slightly some of the words begin to "slur" together which gives the illusion that the auctioneer is talking very fast. This along with the rhythmic chant is done to maintain audience attention and audience participation.